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206 real world Laravel Livewire projects.

Wire in the Wild collects Laravel Livewire and TALL Stack projects. Feel free to add yours, the more the merrier.

206 Livewire Projects

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What is Wire in the Wild?

A showcase of sites, web apps and packages powered by Laravel Livewire. You can use this collection as a source of inspiration and to convince colleagues and clients of the possibilities Livewire offers.

Silvan Hagen

β€œLaravel Livewire enables me to quickly create beautiful web applications. I can take an interactive prototype to a full-blown productive app in no time.”

Silvan Hagen
Creator of Wire in the Wild

Frequently asked questions

What is Laravel Livewire and the TALL Stack?

Laravel Livewire is a full-stack framework for Laravel that makes building dynamic interfaces simple, without leaving the comfort of Laravel. The TALL stack refers to Tailwind, Alpine JS, Laravel and Livewire, a very productive set of tools to build web applications.

What projects are allowed on the site?

Any project that is launched and uses Laravel Livewire can be added. Make sure you are allowed to share it and can add a screenshot. The person who adds the project becomes the spotter, so projects can be added that weren't created by you. If you want to a project removed or updated that wasn't added by you, please email me.

How can I support Wire in the Wild?

First of all, that's very kind of you to support the project. Make sure you are already supporting the development of Livewire. Feel free to get in touch, so we can talk about it. Check out the public analytics dashboard.

How did Wire in the Wild come into existence?

When I had lunch with my friend and former colleague Samuel. He asked whether Livewire was still growing and if it was mainly used for internal tools. So I wanted to showcase Livewire projects in the wild. We used Livewire heavily when we were working together at a startup.

Is Wire in the Wild officially affiliated with Laravel?

No. I'm just a huge fan of Laravel, Livewire and the ecosystem. This is why I created this site in the first place.

Who created the logo?

I have to admit, I used DALLΒ·E 3 and actually had to download Edge just to get access to it before it got rolled out for all ChatGPT Plus users. But hey the pink single-eyed ghost (or squid) with a fur hat in the wild is cute, right?

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